Call for Ideas BRAFIP 2021


BraFIP is the Brazilian technological platform, whose construction started in 2011, in the molds originally coined by the European Union to assist in the technological development of the countries of Eastern Europe. Established since 2015 as a formal non-profit association, BraFIP works to assist in the construction of research, development and innovation (R & D & i) projects in cooperation, that is, involving different companies, universities and research centers, often from different countries.

Continuing with the objective of promoting the formation of new groups of companies, universities and research centers, BraFIP is promoting the call of ideas 2021 for R & D & i projects, through its founding and supporting entities, in addition to European and Latin American technological platforms partners.

The best ideas will have the opportunity to be presented during the International Cooperation Day (IncoDay), an event scheduled for December, in Goiânia, State of Goiás, Brazil.

Participation in this Call for Ideas is open to all companies (demanding or supplying ideas), startups, research and innovation centers in the academic environment or scientific institutions, as long as they are interested in working towards means to accelerate technological innovation, regardless of whether they belong to member entities or not, as well as for corporations wishing to launch challenges.

Note 1: This call is intended to identify opportunities for cooperation in Research, Development and Innovation. To participate, just answer the questions on the next pages. The deadline for participation in this call ends on September, 12th, 2021.

Note 2: If your organization wishes to present more than one idea, one questionnaire must be completed for each idea.

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